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Users investing in new technology visit AVForums

to research products

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  • how to troubleshoot problems

and also to

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in a safe and friendly environment with over 50 moderators ensuring the forums remain a welcoming, inclusive, abuse-free and spam-free community at all times.

Our Audience (statistics from Google Analytics and Xenforo)

In January 2017

  • 4.6 MILLION unique visitors
  • 9.9 MILLION page views
  • 2.8 K new registrations
  • 6.6 K new discussions
  • 119 K new messages

Totals (as of May 2017)

  • 367 K members
  • 1.8 MILLION discussions
  • 23.7 MILLION messages

Gender Demographic

Gender Demographic

  • 87% MALE
  • 13% FEMALE

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Sep 13, 2013
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